Our mission

In the XXI century you must continually acquire new skills in order to meet the growing demands of the world and remain adequate to the professional environment.

Startizen builds the infrastructure to encourage and educate talented people around the world to create businesses that impact the life of others.

Because we believe that every project is a potential startup that could become a successful business with the necessary support.

Startup Citizen

Collaboration network

Online community for talented people, universities and business

Feedback system

The Innovation Systematization and Feedback System


Entrepreneurial skills knowledge base created by the world's top companies

A modern tool that helps to deal with business challenges and opens possibilities to solve problems using co-creation by interacting with the various market players (talented people, universities, large and medium enterprises).

  • • Receive digital business education
  • • Check the business idea potential
  • • Conduct a market research
  • • Provide business accelerator services for start ups
  • • Raise funds
  • • Find partners among large and medium companies

Market Potential

Quantitative online audience panel testing using the Business Model Canvas (StrategyzerTM), which helps global business and start up entrepreneurs formulate and develop a successful business model for their product or service and provide fast, reliable information on market feedback.

Financial Potential

Model analysis which allows to calculate the capital and variable costs of the project.

Team Potential

A combination of psychological tests allows to compile a portrait of the whole team as well as discover its strengths and weaknesses.

Problem solving potential

Using potential start ups and mid size local businesses to develop solutions to company or brand needs.

Smart Startup
Cancas modeling
Stage 1
Team | Project
Stage 2
Financing, PR, HR,
Marketing, SMM
Stage 3
Customer | Investor
Stage 4
Stage 5
Demo day


Money down the drain? Why not!

In July of this year, Mainstream, a global renewable energy development company focusing on solar and wind investments, raised $117.5 million from international investors to provide renewable power supply across Africa, but didn't promise quick and high returns. Mainstream is wor...

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A Family Affair

Amit Bouri, head of the Global Impact Investing Network, funded by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, told the FT that family offices are showing a more lively interest in social and environmental projects. As a result, people somehow hope to express their values and commitment t...

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Impact Pope

We usually do not associate the Catholic Church (or any other church) with the investment world. However, impact investing surprisingly (or perhaps expectedly?) has attracted the attention of the Vatican...

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Sergey Efremenko

Co-founder, managing partner

Ivan Sidorok

WND co-owner